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Understand Your Garage Door Opener Range Better Than Ever Before!

Modern garage door openers are designed to make overhead door operation as smooth as possible, plus more! Your garage door opener range from standard to advanced, and the sole purpose of your garage door opener is to communicate with the mechanics of your garage door system; the extras are a bonus to further automate your home’s security and bridge the gap between mechanical components of your door and the garage door owner. By asking these eight questions, you will find the perfect garage door opener range for you!

Even if you’re hunting for a commercial door operator, ask the questions listed below about your garage door opener range before you request a new garage door opener installation from Empire Overhead Door. 

1. What is My Garage Door Opener Type?

Your garage door opener type is the baseline knowledge for how it operates. It’s important to know not all openers operate the same, so find out which garage door opener type is your favorite, or best fit for your needs. Our garage door opener installation page has more information about the differences between a belt drive, screw drive, jackshaft, chain drive, and even direct drive openers.

2. Do I Have Space For Garage Door Opener Placement?

garage door opener

Garage door openers can be ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, or side-mounted. Traditionally, overhead openers take up the epicenter of the indoor garage space. Alternatively, a low-rise ceiling, vaulted ceiling, or a high-lift garage door will create challenges for your opener. 

Reconsider your garage door opener placement if you have space constraints, and locate your electrical outlets and wiring around your garage to see if a wall-mounted or jackshaft opener is better suited for you.

3. What are My Garage Door Opener Safety Features?

Every modern garage door opener is equipped with safety features, but are they the right safety features for you? Maybe you’ve recently purchased an advanced opener, and are not sure of everything it’s capable of. Get more bang for your buck, and learn to utilize every feature that your garage door opener offers!

If you’ve opted for a wall mount opener for instance, they offer more benefits and features like automatic locking mechanisms, real-time video monitoring for outdoor and indoor security, and real-time diagnostics for speedy repairs. Baseline openers may only offer LED lighting and motion sensing, a safety requirement that prevents the door from closing on obstructing objects. Just let your installer know the kind of package you’d love to purchase, or if you need further assistance on how to navigate all of the safety and app features that come with your new garage door opener. 

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4. How Do I Troubleshoot My Garage Door Opener?

In the event of an emergency, is your garage door opener simple to navigate? Since your opener is the brain behind the entire garage door operation, make sure you know how to troubleshoot your new opener. A battery back-up feature is highly convenient if a storm knocks out your power. If you have to reset your opener, read the instructions provided by the manufacturer to correctly reprogram your opener’s settings. It’s okay if you’re not technologically advanced, your new garage door opener should offer multiple avenues for continued smooth operation. So when the day comes that it doesn’t, you’re prepared!

5. Is There Further Maintenance or Future Recurring Repairs?

Don’t close your ears to the sounds that your opener makes. If you’re unable to recall the last time you didn’t hear your garage door rattle and shake during operation, you need garage door repair! 

Oftentimes the new opener models that Empire Overhead Doors provides come with lesser maintenance, so they are a worthy investment. We offer all LiftMaster and Sommer garage door opener products which are available for prompt new installation.

6. What Power Style is My Garage Door Opener?

You have two choices of power styles that are wired into garage door openers, a direct current or an alternating current of power. The difference between a DC and AC opener is how the garage door system gets its power.

Many of the garage door openers recommended for homeowners are DC operated, and is the selling point for ultra-quiet operation and ability to connect to your smartphone. Residential AC openers are an older technology due to their simple build and low maintenance. If you want a higher power output for your commercial door operator, an AC-powered opener is the best way to go.

Sommer Garage Door Openers

7. Which Quality Garage Door Opener Brand Should I Go With?

Once you’ve decided on the type, placement, and drive style, maybe you’re stuck on the design style? Deciding which garage door brand you prefer will help answer the seventh question on this list. 

Sommer Garage Door Openers offer a distinct sleek design for all residential openers along with their modern advancements in commercial operators that defines them as a leading brand. LiftMaster Garage Door Openers are a crowd favorite for their decades-long empire built on reliable operation. Backed by decades of experience and five-star customer reviews, ask Empire Overhead Doors which opener brand is best for you!

8. What Kind of Product Warranties Come With My New Garage Door Opener?

While searching for a new opener replacement, ask the manufacturer of a particular model if there are any component recalls. Trusted brands like LiftMaster and Sommer are backed by limited lifetime warranties on specific parts. Depending on the model, it is best to thoroughly research the warranty section before you’re left with a costly repair. 

If a certain belt drive opener from LiftMaster has a poor motherboard, recent reviews could uncover a lapse in the manufacturer’s product, or your warranty will cover a prompt replacement! Read up on product and consumer reviews so you can make your best-educated purchase with our local team.

Keep Your Opener Protected With Our Maintenance Package! 

Empire Overhead Doors can help you avoid unnecessary repairs, and offer affordable garage door service for your garage door opener range and beyond! Ask us about our garage door products and view our Maintenance Membership Package. As a valued member, we will routinely check your opener and other vital inspection points within your operating system.

Need more information to make your best-educated purchase this year? Our industry experts are local to you, and excited to best answer your garage door opener range inquiries. View our service areas; our team at Empire Overhead Doors proudly serves Albany, Saratoga, Schenectady, and Rensselaer Counties in New York. Schedule a meeting with us over the phone, or schedule service online to get started!

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